We are located at 335 Smith Street Chinatown Complex #01-010 Singapore 050335 Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm Closed on Mondays and 7th to 10th Jan 2019
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    Products and Services


    We provide Type A Burmese Jadeite, Natural Nephrite, Semi-Precious & Precious Gemstones, Natural Crystals, Antiques, Diamonds, 750/916/999 Gold & 925 Silver Jewelry. Each piece of item sold will be nicely wrapped up with a FREE box or pouch. FREE Strings & tying services or 925 Silver Clasps will be provided for every pendant purchased from us. 750 Gold Clasp is also available at additional cost. (We do NOT sell color added or chemically treated Jadeite or Nephrite, Money Back Guarantee if it’s not Type A)


    Buy and Sell Used Jewellery


    Looking for an upgrade? Sell your old & unwanted Jewellery to us! We take in Jadeite, Nephrite, Wood carvings, Gemstones, Crystals & Jewellery Pieces.




    Every piece is specially handpicked and one of a kind. Customisation can be done upon request.


    Founding Members


    This business is founded by Barnabas Huang (Serial Entrepreneur with Numerous Business Awards and Media Features) & Low Si Min.


    Barnabas Huang started as a collector at a young age of 10 from old coins, notes, gemstones and many collectibles especially in Fine Arts and Natural stones. At age 24, he started to collect valuable gemstones and visited many countries, met gemstones dealers, old craftsman and collectors to learn and differentiate natural from fake and treated gemstones. Since 2008, his interest in Jadeite & Nephrite grew and now he specialises in them after acquiring 10 years of valuable lessons & knowledge. He also has the know hows on FengShui to bring him luck, wealth & health especially to his family and businesses to ensure growth & sustainability in the ever changing market. Barnabas Huang is a strong believer in FengShui & Luck despite working hard for his career. (For those who knows him, he has high expectations & highly motivated at work)


    Low Si Min has been travelling with Barnabas Huang over the last 4 years to acquire experience & knowledge on Jadeite & Nephrite. She also has FengShui knowledge on what you should get, wear or display at work or at home. So do drop by for FREE consultation for BETTER LUCK, WEALTH or HEALTH. Every year should be a BETTER year!

    Our business objective is to help individuals improve their overall Luck, Wealth & Health through FengShui & imparting POSITIVE MINDSET at LOW COST. Drop by & have tea with us at our cozy corner. (It’s FREE)


    Locating and Contacting Us: 


    335 Smith Street Chinatown Complex #01-010 Singapore 050335

    Daily 10am-6pm

    +65 90080244 / +65 98893713




    Barnabas Huang is also the founder of