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    Tigers Eye 虎眼石

    Tigers Eye 虎眼石

    Feng Shui Meaning

    Tiger’s eye is commonly known as the stone of protection and comes in various colours like gold, red and blue with black stripes which resemble the stripes of a tiger. From the feng shui perspective, the sun is connected to the fire element and earth to earth element. Tiger’s eye matches fire elements qualities like inspiration and passion while earth element qualities match with stability and grounding to create balance. Expand awareness, increase the ability to see new ideas and assist in viewing the world in a positive manner and help bring light to situations. 

    Also, it helps people to shine more brightly and allows one to be seen and recognized. The gemstones enhance one’s focus and creativity. It improves one’s self worth and one will be more confident, find courage and motivation to step out of their comfort zone and excel.

    Excellent for travellers & people who wants protection, people seeking growth in workplaces

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