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    Rutilated Quartz 发晶 Singapore Widest Selection

    Rutilated Quartz 发晶 Singapore Widest Selection

    Rutilated Quartz are a great crystal for protection against negative spirits especially for those who stay out late or during the seventh month. While those who travel frequently for work or for leisure can also wear one for protection. 

    This is also a very popular crystal among businessmen known to attract excellent business luck and protects against malicious or “small people” whether it is in your business, relationship or career. It improves vision & clarity of mind enabling you to make better life decisions.

    It is also believed to improve aura making your complexion appear to look “brighter”. Emotionally, this crystal removes negative emotions & helps with depression. It is believed to alleviate fear, anxiety & phobias. It counters self-hatred & encourage forgiveness on all levels. 

    Excellent for businessmen, people seeking protection or emotional release