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    Monkey 猴

    Monkey 猴

    Monkey is one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and many chinese like to have babies born in the year of the monkey as they are believed to be very intelligent, talented and can outwit opponents easily.

    The most common depiction of monkey is of a monkey riding a horse symbolising rising to power. The horse is a symbol of power & strength while the monkey is slever & flexible. Combined, these 2 forms a symbol of fast promotion & are great for those climbing the corporate ladder. Another common carving is a monkey with a peach as it symbolises a long & healthy life.

    Excellent for Ambitious people climbing the corporate ladder.

    Natural Super 7 超级七 Monkey 925 Silver Pendant 3.38g 30.6 by 16.1 by 7.4mm
    Natural Super 7 超级七 Monkey 925 Silver Pendant 3.35g 30.4 by 15.9 by 7.1mm
    Type A Monkey Jade Jadeite 28.58g 52.5 by 47.7 by 5.8mm
    Type A Lavender Jade Jadeite Monkey & Peach 38.62g 47.7 by 35.5 by 11.5mm
    Type A Monkey & Ruyi Jade Jadeite 8.65g 35.2 by 23.3 by 10.2mm
    Type A Blueish Green Jade Jadeite Monkey & Peach 17.25g 32.6 by 26.3 by 11.7mm
    Type A Blueish Lavender Monkey & Ruyi Jade Jadeite 10.05g 45.2 by 28.0 by 8.1mm
    Black Jade Jadeite Monkey & Peach Display Piece - Longevity & Abundance
    Type A Burmese Jade Jadeite Monkey with a peach - 174.63g L63.4 W45.3 D35.7mm
    Icy Type A Burmese Jade Jadeite Monkey on a Peach Feng Shui Pendant with NGI Cert 18.31g 44.1 by 20.3 by 13.7mm