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    Handplays 手把件

    We customize Handplays Jewelry for individuals or couples with Feng Shui elements (like Jade Jadeite, Nephrite, Crystal like Rutilated, Clear, Phantom Quartz Fluoride Amethyst Rose Quartz, Gemstones like Star or Faceted Sapphire Ruby Emerald Aquamarine Rubilite, Precious Metal like Yellow / White Gold Silver) that the individuals or couple lacks in. We also take into consideration the type of stones used, colors used and also the overall beauty and fashion of the Jewelry. Every Jewelry is unique and you will never find a 100% similar piece.
    Type A Black Jade Jadeite Pair of Balls - 317.29g 45.0mm/ball
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    Type A Burmese Jade Jadeite Feng Shui Red Dragon Handplay