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    Aquamarine 海蓝宝

    Aquamarine 海蓝宝

    Aquamarine is associated with the Throat chakra, an excellent crystal for overcoming fear of speaking & improves communication enabling one to speak with clarity & conviction. In Feng Shui, it has calming effects and is great for reducing stress and quieting the mind. 

    Aquamarine is also known as "Water of the Sea" carried by sailors as talisman for safe travel in the olden days to guard against drowning & diseases. So if you are planning for a cruise or are required to travel by water, carry an Aquamarine for protection. 

    An Aquamarine is great as a gift for a pregnant lady and it keeps her and the baby safe from harm. Plus it is a wonderful crystal for meditation.

    Excellent for communicators, expecting mothers or people who are required to travel by sea